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Electric Driven Air Compressor.
(1)  Weekly:
(a) Sample and inspect lubricating oil.
(b) Inspect compressor oil level and rotate
compressor crankshaft by hand.
(2)  Monthly:
(a)  Inspect/clean  air  coolers,  fan,  hoses  and
(b) Inspect/renew discharge air filter.
(c) Test operate compressor, lift relief valve(s)
by hand,  and  test  air  inlet  and  discharge
(3)  Quarterly:
(a)  Inspect  receivers,  coolers  and  piping  for
external  corrosion,  and  sound  and  tighten
foundation bolts.
Semiannually or Per Manufacturers Recommended Number
of Operating Hours (first to occur):
(a) Renew oil in compressor crankcase.
(b) Clean air compressor air intake filter.
(c) Inspect drive belt tension.
(5)  Annually:
(a) Test operate the compressor and inspect air
system piping under full working pressure.
(b)  Test  all  relief  valves  for  proper  lifting
Per Cycle (Normally 3 to 4 years):
(a) Test over-temperature shut down device.
(b)  Disassemble  compressor  and  inspect  internal
parts for wear.
Compressed Gas Storage Flasks.
(NOTE:  Inspect and test IAW MO-324, Hyperbaric Facility
Support Pressure Vessels)
(1) Every 24 Months:
(a) Inspect compressed gas flasks.
(2) Every 72 Months:
(a) Strength test compressed gas flasks.
Air System Piping.
(1)  Monthly:
(a) Operate air system valves.
(2)  Quarterly:
(a)  Inspect  piping  and  inspect/operate  valves,
including leak test.
(b)  Inspect/Renew filter elements and clean filter
(c)  Inspect/Renew cartridge(s) in air purifier(s).
(d)  Strength test hose 5 to 9 years old from date
of manufacture.

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