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(a) Take air analysis sample(s) [See recompression
(b) Calibrate pneumofathometer and scuba charging
(4)  Annually:
(a) Test relief valves.
(b) Test reducers and test pressure piping of air
system at maximum operating pressure.
(c) Calibrate piping system gauges.
(d) Strength test scuba charging hose(s).
(5)  Every 24 months:
(a) Inspect Hyperbaric Facility Support Pressure
Vessels. Internally and externally inspect all
piping  system  pressure  vessels
moisture separators,  etc.) with an internal
diameter greater than three inches and a MAWP
greater than 250 psig per NAVFAC MO-324.
Every 72 months:
(a) Inspect and strength test all piping system
pressure vessels (filters, moisture separators,
etc.) with an internal diameter greater than
three inches per NAVFAC MO-324.
Oxygen System Piping.
(1)  Monthly:
(a) Operate oxygen system valves.
(b) Operate and inspect oxygen regulator.
(2)  Quarterly:
(a) Inspect piping including leak test.
(b)  Inspect flexible hoses and fittings, including
leak test.
(3)  Annually:
(a)  Strength test hoses 5 to 9 years old from date
of manufacture [Dates checked during quarterly
3.8.4 Recompression Chamber Maintenance Practices.
Recompression Chamber.
(1)  Monthly:
(a) Visually inspect and lubricate door gaskets.
(b) Visually inspect viewing port gaskets in place.
(c) Visually inspect viewports.
(d) Clean and inspect chamber, and test chamber
(e) Inspect and clean circuit breaker/fuse panel
supplying chamber electricity.
(f)  Clean,
apparatus (BIBS masks). [Also performed after
every use.]
(g) Operate chamber valves through complete turning
(h) Test emergency lighting and inspect/replace

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