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fabrication; assembly, and quality assurance documents required by
chapters 2 through 6 of SS521-AA-MAN-010.
Procedural adequacy is as important to achieving certification
as material adequacy.  The sponsor should also collect the typical
documents  that  are  used  in  the  day-to-day  operation  of  the
hyperbaric facility.  These documents include the system drawings
that define all of the functional components in the system: the
operating and emergency procedures used to line up, operate, and
correct anticipated malfunctions; and the operation and maintenance
manual(s) for the system.
Also included are the test procedures
used to test the entire system or any repaired components within
the system, the cleaning procedure used for systems and components
requiring specialized levels of cleanliness, and the maintenance
procedures used to repair and replace components. The OPs, EPs and
schematic drawings must be verified by the activity sponsor and
submitted to the System Certification Authority for review and
approval before an onsite survey can be scheduled.  The documents
or drawings that the sponsor provides must be up to date and
reflect the system as it exists.
However, the condition of the
documentation  should  not  delay  the  pursuit  of  certification.
Following is a representative sample of the types of support
documentation necessary to verify system adequacy:
System schematic and drawings.
Material list.
Fabrication procedures.
Personnel qualifications.
Fabrication documentation.
Fabrication testing records.
Cleaning records.
Quality assurance documentation.
Design specifications.
Operational test plan.
Air/gas purity samples.
Calibration records.
Maintenance plan.
Operating and emergency procedures.
Reentry control procedure.
When  the  sponsor  has  all  of  the  supporting  documentation
assembled, and the facility/system is operational, he can request
an on-site survey by the SCA.
However,  before  requesting  the
survey, the system should be reviewed in detail by the command and
any  known  discrepancies  should  be  corrected.
Many  of  these
discrepancies may be small items such as a missing nameplate or a
missing handwheel on a valve.  Such known discrepancies should be
corrected before the survey to lessen the number of discrepancy
cards (paragraph 4.2.6. below refers) written during the survey by
the NAVFAC SCA.  The correction of a subject discrepancy card will
require much more effort and documentation after the survey than

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