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e.  Requirements and procedures for cleaning breathing gas
piping and hose systems, system gauges, and subsequent testing
of these systems,  along with gas contaminant testing of the
breathing gas systems and pressure hulls shall be in accordance
with guidelines of references (b) and (c).
Once  a  certifiable  system  has  been  successfully
pressure-tested, cleaned, and cleanliness verified in accordance
with the requirements of references (a), (b) and (c), no reentry
to that system shall be accomplished without strict compliance
to the REC procedure sequence included as enclosure (1).
Reentry shall be requested and documented on the REC
Smooth originals of each REC
sheet included as enclosure (2).
sheet shall be maintained on file by the hyperbaric facility
manager in numerical serial file order.
A complete record of all REC actions approved and
completed shall be maintained in the REC log by the hyperbaric
facility  manager.
A  sample  REC  log  page  is  included  as
enclosure (3).  REC log serial numbers shall include the current
year followed by the sequential number for that year (e.g., 84-
0001, 84-0002, etc.)
Should  additional  areas  of  the  system  become
accidentally contaminated during a REC maintenance action, or
should additional or unforeseen work necessitate change to the
original REC, the original REC sheet shall be cancelled, and a
revised sheet submitted under the original REC number with a
numerical revision (e.g., 84-0001A).  The smooth original shall
be brought up to date as of the revision, and plainly marked at
the top of each page "CANCEL due to REVISION
."  A cancelled
REC shall be maintained on file.  A complete explanation shall
be  written  in  the  NARRATIVE  section,  item 14.
An  entry
explaining the circumstances of the revision is NOT required on
the new REC sheet unless space item 3 permits.
The  hyperbaric  facility
disapprove all REC requests.
The hyperbaric facility manager is responsible for the
execution of this instruction.  When a certified system must be
reentered, he shall:
assign a qualified REC supervisor (REC SUP).  Note :
He may assign himself as REC SUP,
set the work limit boundaries within the certification

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