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The  specific  limitations  on  the  physical  area
involved in work and testing accomplished on a specific Re-Entry
or Job Order.
That  line
point,  or  location  identified  as  the
border between controlled and uncontrolled areas.  For purposes
of this manual, it has the following connotations according to
the type of system involved:
(1) Piping/Mechanical - the last disturbed joint.
(2) Electrical - the circuit disconnect point or points.
(3) Isolation Point - that system component nearest to the work
area which is operated to regulate or shut off the flow of fluid
or to de-energize an electrical circuit, as applicable, to the
portion of the system being worked on.
Breathing  Gas  Supply  Equipment.
Equipment  that
compress, condition, mix or store, breathing gas.
Casting.  Defined as a component formed by pouring molten metal
into a mold or by forming by a centrifugal method.
Casualty.  A serious accident resulting in physical injury to
the occupants/divers, or damage to equipment.
Catastrophe.  Any great or sudden disastrous malfunction which
gravely jeopardizes the safety of the hyperbaric facility or its
Certification Authority.  The code within NAVFAC, NAVFAC (04B),
that has been delegated, through the Navy chain of command, the
responsibility to conduct the certification process for shore-
based facilities.
Certif ication Certificate.  The document attesting to the System
Certification granted by the SCA.
Certification Scope.
A list promulgated by separate letter for
each  system  concerned,  defining  those  systems,  equipments,
components, maintenance,  and operational procedures needed to
preserve  the  physical  well-being  of  the  hyperbaric  facility
personnel. (SOC)
The structure surrounding holes in, and extending
through one or both sides of, the pressure hull structure.
Continuity of DSS Certification.
A status defined by those
procedures,  tests,  and inspections required when hardware is
renewed or replaced within the Certification Boundary, as well
as  the  periodic  checks  or  inspections  required  to  assure
continued  satisfactory  material  and  procedural  adequacy  for

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