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(b)  Material supplied shall bear a unique marking: and the
report  of  supporting  test  quantitative  data  shall  bear  an
identical marking.
O&M Manual(s).
Contain facility information such as:
layout of piping, valves, controls: wiring and control diagrams;
a control sequence describing start-up, operation and shut down;
a description of the function of principal system equipments and
components; lubrication schedules; test procedures, performance
data; and parts lists.
Operating  Procedures.
Approved  written  instructions
checklists  f o r  conducting  system  line-up,  operation
shutdown, in a safe sequence.
The  person  who  physically  controls  the  operating
parameters of the hyperbaric facility: e.g., depth, pressure,
gas flow rate, gas composition, etc.
Parts List.  Describe the part size, applicable specifications,
and ordering information.
Penetration  (Penetrator).
The  assembly,  component,  cable,
shaft, packing gland, seal, or other device which penetrates the
hyperbaric chamber or other pressure-resisting structure.
P o r o s i t y . Gas pockets or voids in weld metal.
Pre-Survey Outing Booklet (PSOB).  A check list that identifies
those  areas  to  be  reviewed  by  NAVFAC  as  part  of  the
certification procedure for a specific hyperbaric facility.
Procedural  Adequacy. The procedures used in the operation and
maintenance  of  the  hyperbaric  facility  a r e  suitable  and
sufficient  to  provide  for  the  safety  of  the  occupants  and
operators of the system before, during, or after any credible
operation/emergency  evolution.
The procedures must be proved
satisfactory to the SCA by the applicant.
Procedure  Qualification.  An action by which test assemblies are
prepared in accordance with a proposed procedure and evaluated
either by destructive or nondestructive tests or both.
Written  instructions,  checklists,  a n d
Procedural  Guides.
maintenance guides that provide the occupants and operators with
a  detailed  safe  sequence  of  operations  of  the  hyperbaric
facility  in  all  its  various  designed  normal  and  emergency
Procurement Document.
The written communication to a supplier
that describes what is to be supplied and what requirements must
be met;

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