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Components and piping replaced and new components required
for modifications shall be selected and inspected in accordance
with the pressure requirements of ANSI B31.1 and for service at
the pressure, temperature flow, and as specified for the gases
and  liquids  contained  as  indicated  per  the  approved  design
The  acceptability  of  pressure  containing
components is based upon ANSI B31.1, paragraph 104.7, "Pressure
Design of other Containing Components".  The following extract
from  the  paragraph  is  the  basis  of  judgment,  "...Pressure
containing components not covered by the standards listed in
Table 126.1 and for which design formulas or procedures are not
given in this code, may be used where the design of similarly,
proportioned and sized components have been proven satisfactory
performance  under  comparable service
In addition, components shall be those commonly
used in the diving industry.
Sampling Plan. A statement of the acceptable quality level, the
level of inspection, the sample size or sizes to be used, and
the associated acceptance and rejection criteria.
See Certification Scope.
Scope of Certification (SOC).
See Certification Scope.
Segregated Storage Area.  A clearly marked, dry, clean storage
area that contains separate boxes, bins, shelves roped-off areas
for segregation of different types of Controlled Materials from
each other.
Each separate storage area within the Segregated
Storage Area will be clearly marked to allow only that specific
Access  to  this  area  will  be
type  of  Controlled  Material.
strictly controlled by the Hyperbaric Facility Manager.
Superstructure.  That part of a hyperbaric facility, above the
foundation, which supports the hyperbaric chamber(s) and life-
support components of the facility.
S u r v e y .  To examine, inspect, and review in detail all items
falling  within  the  certification  scope  to  determine  their
material adequacy and procedural adequacy.
Survey  Team. The personnel representing the SCA to perform the
on-site certification survey of the hyperbaric facility.
All  components,  piping,  and  fittings,  including
and  mechanical  items
which  together  form  and
contribute  to  the  operation  of  an  integrated  functional
arrangement.  The  "system" as used herein is not limited to
piping  only  unless  "piping"  is  specified.
Any  part  that
receives the fluid, controls the fluid, or is controlled by the
fluid is included"

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