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e.  Leakage of industrial wastes or sludges from any container or
vessel such as tanks, pipes, or sand drying beds must be
avoided.  Emergency drains and spill containment area drains
should be provided.
f  Waste treatment from plating operations should provide
sufficient on-site storage capacity to allow for a minimum of
eight (8) hours of plating operation during waste treatment
shutdown periods.
Ventilation design must provide adequate air flow during
normal and emergency conditions to assure a safe environment for
operating personnel.  This is particularly crucial in plant areas
that generate chemical fumes and vapors. Covers for large volume
reactors and equalization basins should be considered.
Provide positive head on all pump suctions.
i.  Particular caution should be observed with chemical piping
layout; for example, avoid entrapment areas for hydrogen peroxide
which may cause valve and pipe eruption.  Provide vacuum breaks
in piping design to avoid undesirable back siphonage to pumps and
Provide adequate design of piping and equipment supports to
avoid vibration which may lead to failure.
k.  Provide for storage of process treatment chemicals in
temperature controlled area.
l.  Consider use of pneumatically controlled valves (rather than
electric) in corrosive environments.
m.  In the future, a much tighter and much more detailed
specification for scrubbers and demisters is required to avoid
naming manufacturers.  The specifications should include the
Requirement for packed tower type not for cross flow
Requirement for minimum scrubber packing depth
Requirement for minimum demister pad depth
Maximum static pressure drop for scrubbers and demisters
Requirements for access manholes for inspection and
Liquid to gas flow rate
Recycle water flow

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