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Sump size
Spray nozzle location and size
Reference to IGCI (Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute)
Guideline Manuals for scrubbers and demisters
Design criteria for electroplating shop layouts, tank
design, ventilation system design, etc. are badly needed.
In-shop source control (segregation, recycle, reuse and good
housekeeping) must be a major part of the design criteria.
A design that facilitates maintenance and good housekeeping
is very important.
Operational Factors.
The following points should be considered:
a.  Adequate operator training at facilities is mandatory. An
operation and maintenance manual which specifically reflects the
plant's requirements is also necessary. On-the-job training
should be conducted at plant's startup and continued until the
entire treatment process runs continuously and satisfies effluent
discharge criteria.
b.  Operation and maintenance manuals should be prepared for each
equipment component in the plant.  A system O&M manual should be
prepared to integrate and demonstrate how each component relates
to the system.  Operation and equipment manuals should be updated
after performance demonstration period to include equipment and
plant modifications and new operational requirements implemented
during startup or performance demonstration period. Contingency
plans should be developed for plant shutdown and chemical spills.
c.  Plant equipment should be operated immediately upon
installation.  Equipment should not be allowed to sit idle and
deteriorate from lack of usage.  Equipment performance should be
in demonstrated compliance with specifications and testing
d.  Operator work requirements should be minimized by designing
for use of treatment chemicals in liquid form to be pumped or
powder form to be automatically fed.
e.  Use of computer control systems with total manual backup
should be considered for larger installations.
f.  A steam line/wand, or air supply, should be provided for
cleaning filter press gaskets and flanges after removing solids
from the units.
g.  There is no reason for periodic dumping of plating baths.
Normal contamination can be filtered out. The only way iron will
contaminate a bath is when the current is reversed on the part

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