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D.  Certain projects may not require or lend themselves to all of the
provisions described below. Where doubt exists, guidance should be
sought from NAVFACENGCOMHQ, Code 04B.
The Preliminary DD Form 1391 Submission (PRELIM 1391) identifies
and describes facilities required in support of an activity's assigned
mission.  The PRELIM 1391 is a predecessor of the 1391/Facility Study
submission.  The project submission includes the Preliminary DD Form 1391
and Supplemental Sheets (1391C) to provide essential Shore Facilities
Planning System (SFPS) and programming information required for review,
certification and entry of the project into the Military Construction
Requirements List (MILCON RL).  There are five additional components in
the Preliminary DD Form 1391 Submission package. They are the pertinent
Facility Planning Documents, an Economic Analysis, a site plan, an
enviromental review and a cost estimate.  See reference (a) series for
guidance on the preparation of the PRELIM 1391 as well as on the criteria
used in its validation for entry into the MILCON RL.
1.  Close internal coordination on projects dealing with
hazardous/toxic materials is essential. Therefore, beginning with
development of a Preliminary Engineering Study (PES), which is required,
a "team" concept shall be implemented. Members of the team shall be
the activity, EFD, and, if necessary, NAVFACENGCOMHQ.  Timely review of
all project documentation by these team members is essential.  As a
minimum, codes familiar with design, construction and environmental
regulations must be included as project team members.
2.  After selection of project team members, the EFD shall
conduct a PES for project definition and basis of design.  A Preliminary
Hazard Analysis (PHA), as required by reference (b), "System Safety
Engineering for Facilities Acquisition", is to be conducted concomitantly
and in conjunction with the PES.  The PHA shall be considered as part of
the PES.  The PES, including the PHA, is a critical step in identifying
and documenting deficiencies and problems and in developing firm cost
estimates and viable alternatives.  Timeliness is of the essence, since
it will provide information needed for development of Form 1391.
3.  As part of the PES, it is essential that consideration be
given to source control, including the possibility of substantially
altering a process or plant operation to reduce pollutant loading. By
reducing the volume of controlled waste and the amount of contaminant,
treatment units can be made smaller, and capital, labor and material
costs can be reduced.  Consequently, it is often economical to eliminate
or reduce the quantity of controlled waste at its source prior to
treatment or in lieu of treatment.  Several possible techniques exist,
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