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including improved housekeeping, process changes, material recovery and
substitution, waste segregation and water recycle/reuse.  Sometimes, with
only partial purification, spent water can be reused in the industrial
process.  Water unsuitable for direct reuse may be serviceable for a
different purpose in which quality requirements are less restrictive.
Certain types of wastes should be kept separate until they reach the
treatment plant, or even some advanced stage of treatment.  For example,
acid and cyanide wastes must be segregated for the sake of safety. On
the other hand, the mixing of wastes may provide partial treatment, such
as partial neutralization by mixing acid and alkaline wastes.
4.  Preliminary estimates of additional staffing requirements
for the proposed facility should be made as early as possible and
furnished to the activity for budget and management purposes. Staffing
estimates should be refined during the final design stage as discussed
under IV.A.1.
5.  There are often a number of alternatives which can achieve
the desired result.  Therefore, the major objective of the PES should be
to determine what combinations of actions will be the most
cost-effective, safest, and technically and operationally feasible,
including whether process or plant alteration, or remedial treatment, or
both, is the best course of action.
The PES shall be comprised of the following:
Description of industrial shop or treatment plant
including processes employed
Location map
Industrial shop or treatment plant layout
Process flow sheets
Process and production data
Raw materials, chemicals, etc.
Present:  average, maximum, minimum
Future:  average, maximum, minimum
Production patterns: daily and seasonal
Water Supply Survey:  Identify water quality and
quantity used in the specific industrial activity,
including description, and water supply piping system
layout.  Water quality requirements (if known) for
this specific industry should also be reported. This
information may be used for wastewater recycle/reuse
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