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Provide revised Operations and Maintenance Manuals
indicating all the changes made at the plant and
reflecting actual operating experience during the
first year of operation.
Provide Performance Certification to the claimant/user
stating that the plant will meet the applicable
project performance criteria if the collected data so
Submit a corrective action report to the claimant/user
if the project is not capable of meeting applicable
performance criteria.  The report shall include a
schedule for undertaking in a timely manner the
corrective action necessary to bring the project into
A.  Design of adequate industrial facilities, including
cost-effective treatment of wastewaters, requires the services of a
highly competent professional familiar with industrial processes, and
possessing the specialized knowledge of chemical, physical and biological
principles applicable to the project.  In addition, the ability to
translate these principles into engineering plans and specifications is
needed in order to arrive at a cost-effective solution.
B.  To ensure that the A/E conducting the required studies, or
performing the design has the above stated qualifications, the
prospective A/E's must be screened for relevant experience and successful
practice.  The following steps are recommended, with selection to be in
strict accord with reference (i), 5-303.
1.  Ascertain that the synopsis prepared for publication in the
Commerce Business Daily adequately describes the proposed project and
spells out all special qualifications, including system safety
engineering, and performance data which will be used as important
evaluation factors.  Commerce Business Daily Note 62 prescribes general
selection criteria only.  The drafting of particular evaluation criteria
must be carefully done, tailored to the specific project.
2.  The final selection should be based on a review of
qualifications including performance data; interviews with the best
qualified firms; availability of key individuals who will be assigned to
the work; canvassing of past customers to determine their facilities'
actual performance; and other relevant factors.
A.  An effective and economical support for these projects is
necessary for their programmed life cycle.  This includes responsibility
for preserving continuity in the systematic planning, acquisition, and
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