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operation of the systems and equipment involved.  Therefore, the
Operations Support Plan for each industrial facility should include:
Activity Support
Staffing Requirements.  As described under Preliminary
Engineering Studies, Section II.A.4.,) staffing
requirements for the proposed facility shall be
determined as early as possible so that the activity
will have time to program for them.  Staffing
requirements (number and grade/job levels, training
and certification requirements peculiar to the system)
shall be modified/confirmed during the design stage.
Funding Requirements.  An estimate of funding support
required by the activity (required in addition to
personnel support in order to operate and maintain the
proposed facility) shall be made by the design A/E as
early as possible and furnished to the activity for
budgeting purposes.
2.  Collateral Equipment List.  Concurrent with the design, a
collateral equipment list shall be developed by the design A/E.
3.  Operator Manuals/Instructions. Draft Operator Manuals/
Instructions shall be prepared during the design and construction stage
and shall be available prior to initial start-up of the facility.  The
final detailed Manuals/Instructions will include sections on
troubleshooting, emergency operations, taking samples, and identification
of analysis procedures.  The final Manuals/Instructions shall suit exact
equipment furnished under contract.
4. Maintenance Manuals.  Detailed Maintenance Manuals,
including preventive maintenance procedures shall be prepared.
5.  Operator Training.  Hands-on operator training shall be
provided by the construction contractor to the extent needed.
6.  Contingency Plans.  Specific procedures shall be prepared by
the design A/E to deal with the event of a chemical spill or plant
shutdown and shall be incorporated into the operations manual and the
local activity spill contingency plan.
7.  Spare Parts List.  A spare parts (equipment) list shall be
part of the project specifications when stand-by duplicate equipment is
determined to be required but will not be connected in place.
B.  The O&M Manual, Collateral Equipment List, Spare Parts List and
Operator Training requirements shall be identified in project development
stage and specifically listed in the project documentation.
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