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CASE POL 5 - Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), R. Thomas
Problem:  Difficulty in determining whether a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is
opening or is stuck in the open position when relief piping is hard connected
into remote waste tank.
Premature filling of waste fuel holding tank with good fuel.
Collection of Facts:  Frequently Filter Separator (F/S) water discharge piping
and PRV piping from F/S and distribution piping is hard piped into a waste
holding tank.  When waste tank starts filling with fuel prematurely, it
becomes almost impossible to determine where the fuel is coming from.
Solution:  Install sight glass fittings with visual paddle wheel in all PRV
discharge piping that goes to a holding tank.  Spinning paddle can be used to
locate leaking PRV or to adjust spring compression on PRV so that discharge
relief pressure is set correctly.
CASE POL 6 - Spring Loaded Check Valve, R. Thomas
Problem:  Use of spring loaded check valve as a deadman control valve at truck
fill stands when converting from top loading to bottom loading.
Symptom:  High surge pressure when spring valve is released and during
fueling, overfilled trucks due to "tying open" of loading valve during filling
Collection of Facts:  In a top loading configuration, a spring loaded check
valve with a pull chain attached was used as the main fuel loading valve.
When many top loading fill stands were converted to bottom loading, the spring
loaded check valve was reused as a deadman valve. Because of its
configuration and ease to wire open, several truck overfills have resulted.
Solution:  Replace spring loaded check with hand held electronic type deadman
and incorporate "Scully" or similar high level shut-off system.
CASE POL 7 - Latex Lining System for Concrete fuel storage tanks, R. Thomas
Problem:  NFGS 09871, latex lining system for concrete fuel storage tanks,
requires the latex blend to be used within 45 days of manufacture.  For most
contracts, this time limitation is too restrictive.
Symptom:  Rejection by ROICC of latex paint because its age exceeds 45 days,
causing contract delays and reordering problems.
Collection of Facts:  The Naval Research Lab has shown that paint as much as 1
year old can still perform good as new if it has been stored at temperatures
not less than 40F nor more than 110F and that it still has a smooth,
paint like consistency.
Solution:  Examine the paint for consistency and smoothness rather than date
of manufacture.  A revision to the specification will be recommended.

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