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CASE MA1 - Shipyard Items Requiring Maintenance, T. Hayes
Maintenance of equipment at most Naval shipyards is poor.
Collection of Facts:  Very little effort has been devoted by shipyards to
maintenance of equipment.  At almost every shipyard visited, especially in
the area of drydocks, there is blatant evidence of neglect of equipment.
Utility lines are excessively corroded, capstan pits are filled with water
packing glands on valves and pump leak, valves and pumps are excessively
corroded, flange bolts and nuts are excessively corroded, pumps are in need of
opened or missing, large chunks of concrete ark hanging loose on-drydock
walls, atlas, galleries or coping.  These items are not included in the
drydock safety certification program because they do not directly affect the
safety of ships in the drydock.  However, neglect of these items results in
hazards to personnel or in costly replacements. In many cases, the shipyards
have a preventative maintenance program. However, care for the aforementioned
greasing or changing of oil for mechanical equipment.
in the drydock area.
CASE MA2 - Maintenance for Roofs, C. B. Key
Problem: Roof failure due to lack of maintenance.
Collection of Facts:  Many roofs fail prematurely due to lack of maintenance,
"out of sight, out of mind until they leak".  Field investigations of roofing
at TRIDENT Base Bangor in June of 1984 revealed many roofs in need of
maintenance, e.g., punctured base flashings, erosion of aggregate surfacing,
roof drain sumps filled with debris.  These things start out as minor problems
but, left unattended, result in major roof problems.
Solution:  More frequent routine maintenance by qualified maintenance
personnel.  Each roof should be inspected not less than twice a year by
personnel equipped to perform the necessary routine maintenance during the
inspection.  Maintenance that will require more planning and preparation
should be accomplished as soon as possible.

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