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Station Regulations
a.  The Contractor and his employees shall become acquainted
with and obey all Government regulations as posted, or as requested
by the Contracting Officer.  See Attachment J-C  .
b.  The Contractor shall participate actively in the activity
energy conservation program.  The Contractor shall comply with the
base energy conservation program and shall become familiar with
(Insert activity Energy Conservation Instruction Number).  The
Contractor superintendent shall represent the Contractor's interests
at all meetings of the activity's Energy Conservation and Resource
Management Committee.  Use of high energy consuming tools or
equipment shall be approved by the Contracting Officer.  See
Attachment J-C
of this section.
Fire Protection
NOTE:  Notify the Contractor he must comply with activity Fire
Protection instructions.  Provide instruction or procedure number and
include as Attachment J-C  .
The Contractor and his employees shall know where fire alarms are
located and how to turn them on.  The Contractor shall handle ans
store all combustivle supplies, materials, waste and trash in a
manner that prevents fire or hazards to persons, facilities, and
materials.  Contractor employees operating critical equipment shall
be trained to properly respond durng a fire alarm or fire per
activity insturction number (insert instruction number), included as
Attachment J-C-  .
Environmental Protection
The Contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and
local laws, and with the regulations and standards listed in
Attachment J-C  .  All environmental protection matters shall be
coordinated with the Contracting Officer.  Inspection of any of the
facilities operated by the Contractor may be accomplished by the
Activity Environmental Protection Coordinator, or authorized
officials on a no-notice basis during normal working hours.  In the
event that a regulatory agency assesses a monetary fine against the
Government for violations caused by Contractor negligence, the
Contractor shall reimburse the Government for the amount of that fine
and other costs.  The Contractor shall also clean up any oil spills
which result from the Contractor's operations.  The Contractor shall
comply with the instructions of the cognizant Navy Medical Department
with respect to avoidance of conditions which create a nuisance or
which may be hazardous to the health of military or civilian

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