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Debris, rubbish and nonusable material resulting from the work under
this contract may be disposed of on Government property at (Indicate
location) at the direction of the Contracting Officer or off
Government property at the option of the Contractor.  In either case,
the Contractor must dispose of all hazardous waste in accordance with
the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and its associated state
and local regulations.
Safety Requirements and Reports
b.  Prior to commencing work, the Contractor shall meet in
conference with the Contracting Officer to discuss and develop mutual
understandings relative to administration of the Safety Program.
c.  The Contractor's work space may be inspected periodically
for OSHA and Navy violations.  Abatement of violations will be the
responsibility of the Contractor and/or the Government as determined
by the Contracting Officer.  The Contractor shall provide assistance
to the Safety Office escort and the federal or state OSHA inspector
if a complaint is filed.  Any fines levied on the Contractor by
federal or state OSHA offices due to safety/health violations shall
be paid promptly.
d.  The Contractor shall report to the Contracting Officer in
the manner and on the forms prescribed in Attachment J-C
data and all accidents resulting in death, trauma, or occupational
disease.  All accidents must be reported to the Contracting Officer
within 24 hours of their occurrence.
e.  The Contractor shall submit to the Contracting Officer a
full report of damage to Government property and/or equipment by
contractor employees. All damage reports shall be submitted to the
Contracting Officer within 24 hours of the occurrence.
f.  Only emergency medical care is available in Government
facilities to Contractor employees who suffer on-the-job injury or
disease.  Care will be rendered at the rates in effect at the time of
treatment.  Reimbursement shall be made by the Contractor to the
Naval Regional Medical Center Collection Agent upon receipt of
Passes and Badges
All Contractor employees shall obtain the required employee and
vehicle passes.  The Contractor shall, prior to the start of the
contract, submit to the Contracting Officer an estimate of the number
of personnel expected to be utilized at any one time on the contract.
The Government will issue badges without charge.  Each employee shall
wear the Government issued badge over the front of the outer
clothing.  When an employee leaves the Contractor's service, the

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