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1. The Contractor shall submit invoices (bills) for supplies, work or services to:
The Contracting Officer
An invoice is a written request for payment under the contract for supplies delivered or for
services rendered. In order to be proper, an invoice must be marked "INVOICE" and include, as
applicable, the following:
(1) Invoice date;
(2) Name of Contractor;
Contract number (including order number, if any), contract line item number, contract
description of supplies or services, quantity, contract unit of measure and unit price, and
extended total;
Name and address to which payment is to be sent (which must be the same as that in the
contract or on a proper notice of assignment);
Any other information or documentation required by other provisions of the contract,
including but not limited to:
Yearly Work Schedule
Accurate Monthly Work Plan (MWP) for the following, month of performance
Annual Herbicide Management Plan
Tree pruning experience
Herbicide Applicator Certificate(s)
Accurate NAVFAC 6250/3, Herbicide Management Report
Soil Test Report(s)
One original and two copies of the invoice shall be prepared and submitted monthly.

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