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3. An original signature of a representative of the Contractor is required on the invoice.
4. All offers of discounts appearing on the Contractor's invoice, no matter how affixed, and regardless of the type
of purchase, shall be considered in this appendix.
5. Supporting documents:
The Contractor shall attach proof of receipt and acceptance of supplies, work, or services to the invoice
for payment. Unsupported invoices will be returned to the Contractor.
Copies of Contractor's inspection reports, warranties, etc., applicable to invoiced items, shall be
submitted with the invoice.
Form 4-4235/4 (Affidavit) - One (1) original.
7. Contractor's Release, NAVFAC Form 4330/7, shall be executed in triplicate (all "wet" signatures) and
submitted with the request for final payment.
8. If an invoice does not contain all criteria required by these instructions, the invoice will be returned to the
Contractor for proper execution and resubmission.

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