Quantcast Figure 22. Portapungi Vehicle Barrier

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Figure 22
Portapungi Vehicle Barrier
Table 12
Portapungi Vehicle Barrier Available From OMNISEC
Height, inches (cm)
35 (89)
Width, inches (cm)
96 to 120 (243 to 304)
Normal operating cycle (feet (meters) per minute)
4 to 6
Emergency operating cycle (seconds)
Kinetic energy absorbed in impact testing, ft-lbf
0.8 (0.11)
(kgf-m) x one million
Kinetic energy rating by engineering analysis, ft-lbf
(kgf-m) x one million (destruction of vehicle with
some damage to barrier)
Barrier cost, $ x one thousand for a single system.
20 to 35 depending on width of clear
Optional items are extra.
Installation cost as a percentage of equipment cost
*DOS certified
NA = Not Available


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