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vehicular traffic, while establishing a traffic pattern for restricted areas.
Gates, as a part of perimeter fences, must be as effective as their
associated fence in order to provide an equivalent deterrent.  Gates will
normally require additional hardening features due to their location across
entrance roads and the inherent vulnerability of their requirements when
designing security fencing.  MIL-HDBK 1013/10 provides design options for
personnel and vehicle gates.  The following summarizes the most common gate
configurations used in conjunction with security fencing.  These include
single and double swing, cantilevered wheel-supported (V-groove) sliding
gates, and double (biparting) overhead supported gates.  While any of these
may be used for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, generally single gates are
designed for pedestrian traffic and double gates for vehicular traffic.
Personnel Gates.  Pedestrian gates and turnstiles will be designed
so that only one person may approach the guard at a time.  For nuclear
storage areas, the personnel entry gate complex is to include access and exit
routes in accordance with DoD 5210.41-M, Nuclear Weapons Security Manual.
For other details see MIL-HDBK 1013/10.
Turnstile gates.  Where access control is required into a
restricted area, turnstile gates are recommended for controlling pedestrian
traffic (Figure 21).  Turnstile gates are also very helpful in relieving
requirements for controlling personnel exiting a secured area since they can
be set to revolve only in the exiting direction, thereby reducing the guard
supervision required.  Automated access control systems using coded
credentials, such as badges with magnetic stripe, magnetic spot, Wiegand-
effect wires, etc., may also be used to access turnstile gates (see
par. 4.4.5).


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