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Swing gates.  While turnstile gates provide security personnel
with more positive access control and greater penetration resistance, swing
gates are a second alternative when turnstile personnel gates are not
practical.  Swing type personnel gates may be more economical to procure and
fabricate from a hardware aspect; however, both operational and guard
personnel requirements should be considered to determine the most economical
long-term cost for the facility.
Vehicle Gates.  Either wheel-supported (Figure 22) or cantilever
sliding (Figure 23) gates are the best selection for vehicle security gates
followed by overhead sliding gates.  Swing gates are a third alternative and
lastly, and the least desirable, are overhead ("guillotine") gates.
Initially, the designer should begin by evaluating the wheel-supported or
cantilever sliding gate.  An initial step in the design is to determine the
operational requirements for the gate.  This includes the daily peak and
normal work flow of vehicles; and the operational access control requirements
for the secured area, i.e., badging, penetrator threat, magnetic sensor
personnel monitoring, package surveillance, type (size) of vehicles to use
the gate, etc.  These requirements provide the basis for determining the type
and size of gates, desirability or requirement for automatic openers, special
hardening requirements, etc.  In areas known for snow or ice buildup,
internal heating should be considered in the gate design.  See MIL-HDBK
1013/10 for details.


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