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(18) Section 09875 - Conductive and Spark Resistant Concrete Floor
Manufacturer's Literature and Data
Manufacturer's Instruction
(19) Section 13121 - Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Erection Instructions and Diagrams:
(a) Anchor bolt layout and sizes
(b) Structural connections
(c) Roofing and siding connections
(d) All details and instructions necessary for completion assembly
(e) Shop drawings as necessary to supplement the instruction and
drawings if required for the proper erection and installation of
building components.
(f) Design calculations
(20) Section 13209 - Water Storage Tanks
Shop Drawings
(21) Section 14200 - Electrical Passenger/Freight Elevators
In seismic Zone 3 or greater, details of equipment foundations,
restraints, attachment of rail to the structure and details of earthquake protection.
Provide calculations certified by a licensed structural engineer.
(22) Other Division 14
Review all submittals for cranes, monorails, and hoists.
(23) Section 16301 - Underground Electrical Work
Shop Drawings/Manufacturer's Data for precast manhole and
handholes - calculations and shop drawings.
(1) Boilers and warm air furnaces greater than 50,000 Btu/hr.,
including controls and auxiliaries.
(2) Air and gas compressors greater than 25 SCFM and greater than
250 psig.


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