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Prior to commencing design, the A&E should become thoroughly familiar w ith
current design criteria, standard method/procedures, guides, specifications, project site
conditions, project costs and specific project requirements. Generally, a pre -negotiation
conference will be conducted on all military construction funded projec ts and on other
projects of significant magnitude or complexity where the A&E or we determine it will
be beneficial.
The A&E should be aware that there are differences between private work and
Government work such as: (1) the Government cannot limit bid ding to a selected list of
contractors known to do good work unless approved in advance under specific and
limited circumstances. In most cases, any contractor may bid. Therefore, drawings and
specification requirements must leave nothing to the imaginat ion. They must be clear,
concise, and provide thorough detailing of existing and proposed construction. (2)
Department of Defense requires the use of Federal, Military, and Industry specifications
for procurement of materials and equipment covered by the se specifications. Use of
these specifications assures the non -restrictive competition required in the expenditure of
public funds. Proprietary specifications are not allowed without written authorization.
Failure to grasp these basic differences in rul es and policies has been the source of many
costly disputes. It is essential that all personnel responsible for the execution of an A&E
or ES contract with OIC NAVFAC Contracts, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC study this guide
and fo llow the procedures and instruc tions set forth herein. General instructions cannot
cover every situation. Specific problems relating to a particular project will be jointly
resolved in conferences with activity personnel and the PM.
Firms that design, prep are plans and specifications, or cost estimates for a
construction contract or procurement of supplies or services, cannot provide the
construction or supplies or services. This limitation also applies to subsidiaries and
affiliates of a firm.
The A&E shall give no information concerning a project to anyone other than
authorized station personnel, other A&Es performing design of related facilities and
personnel of OIC NAVFAC Contracts, MCAS, Cherr y Point, NC. During the bidding
period, any requests made of the A&E by prospective bidders for clarification or intent of
drawings and specifications should be referred to the OIC NAVFAC Contracts, MCAS,
Cherry Point, NC, telephone 252 -466-2746. However, sources of supply for special
equipment may be given to contractors. The A&E should promptly notify OIC
NAVFAC Contracts, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC of any necessary corrections or
clarifications of the drawings and specifications. Release in any form of i nformation
pertinent to a project under design or construction for publication, for public speeches or
address shall not be made without first securing clearance and a release in writing from


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