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(a) Lighting load.
(b) Convenience outlet load.
(c) Mechanical equipment load, such as heating, air conditioning, etc.
(d) Special operating equipment loads, such as compressors, generators,
pumps and power receptacles being provided to serve special equipment.
(e) User equipment loads.
(f) Miscellaneous/other loads.
(3) Type of wiring system, such as rigid conduit, electric al metallic tubing,
nonmetallic sheathed cable, etc., and where proposed to use. (Current criteria prohibits
embedding aluminum conduit in concrete. Current projects should be reviewed to make
sure that conduit, pipe, bars, anchors, flashing or other alu minum parts are not embedded
in concrete.)
(4) Type of conductor and insulation material, such as CU THW, AL XHHW,
etc., and where proposed to use.
(5) A statement describing proposed standards of design, such as voltage drop,
lighting intensities, t ype of light sources, and a statement regarding the use of selective
switching or other energy conserving features.
(6) Provide short circuit calculations.
(7) Description (including Riser Diagrams) of Cable Television Systems (CATV),
Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), nurse call, intercom, sound, signal, and fire
alarm systems.
(8) Description (including Riser Diagrams) of Telecommunication Systems.
Please note that beginning with the FY 96/97 MCON Program, backboards, raceways,
cables, outlets, and modular jacks will be included as part of the construction contract; in
prior years, only supporting facilities were provided. Number and location of
telecommunication outlets (i.e., telephone, computer, word processing, etc.) should be
obtained from the using activity. Identify space required for telecommunication
equipment, point of connection to base telephone system, size of incoming duct/conduit,
and size of equipment mounting backboard; this information should be obtained from the
Activi ty Providing Telephone Service (APTS) officer. Statement relative to interface
provision for multi -use systems (i.e., intercom, telephone, etc.).
(9) Provide lighting calculations keyed to lighting floor plan and lighting fixture


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