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On-Site A-E Field Support
(Trips negotiated under firm fixed price)
ROICC.  Notify PDE of appropriate time for this field support.
(If A-E
is notified directly, follow up and notify PDE.) Generally the ROICC should
pick a time that will allow the A-E to get the maximum benefit from the visit.
The OICC/ROICC will normally select a time when there is a specific problem for
which he wants A-E input.
PDE.  Advise A-E when the visit should be made based on the OICC/ROICC's
input, and accompany A-E if required.
Make visit, prepare report.
Provide POA&M as required.
d. As-Built (Record Drawings)
ROICC.  Obtain and review, for accuracy and completeness, annotated
construction drawings from Contractor.  Ensure equipment model number,
capacity, name plate data, etc. are shown.  If satisfactory, send the drawings
to the PDE.  Get Contractor to resolve discrepancies surfaced by the PDE/A-E.
PDE.  Review, forward drawings to A-E, review completed work, make copies
and forward them to the user with copy of letter only to the ROICC.
A-E.  Make changes.  If there should be differences from what A-E knows
were changes to that shown, apprise PDE and OICC/ROICC and get resolution.
e. Unforeseen Consultation
ROICC.  Contact (generally by phone/facsimile memo for urgent items, and
written memo/letter for others) the PDE and provide a clear description of the
problem and/or service required (ROICC/OICC does not contact A-E directly).
Review information received and make the following determinations:
(1) If it is a design error or omission or simply requires clarification
on a technical item which is covered by poor/insufficient plans and
specifications,  inform the A-E that it is his responsibility to provide the
services under the basic design contract at no additional cost to the
If the A-E disagrees that it is his responsibility, prepare 'a
letter, sample as shown in enclosure (3), signed by the Contracting Officer
Code 02, directing him to perform the requested work.
(2) If the services requested is not attributed to design error or
omission and requires DOR/A-E consultation for an out of scope design change,
do the following to exercise the IDQ portion of the PCAS scope:
(a) Prepare a Government estimate (based on the unit work allowed in
the contract) and description of work.


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