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20 FEB 1992
PC0 for Construction:
Field Construction Divisions - Provides construction advisory
evaluation support to the CACO.
f. CACO:
Construction COTR.  Initiates design deficiency (DSGN or EROM)
PCM and coordinates with Design COTR.  When A-E is willing to settle directly
with the Construction Contractor, reviews end approves the A-E's proposed
corrective method in coordination with the Design COTR.  Prepares the field
report in accordance with Attachment (5), Appendix J of reference (a) and
submits to PACNAVFACENGCOM Construction Branch (Code 505) when there is an
agreement that A-E liability may be involved and the A-E liability for the
design deficiency cannot be resolved at the field level.
7. Procedures
a.  Enclosure (2) establishes processing procedures to determine A-E
liability for contractual actions where PACNAVFACENGCOM directly awards the
design/engineering services contract.  While these procedures refer to
processing actions for design deficiencies identified during construction, it
also applies to design deficiencies found after construction completion.  In
such a case, the CACO should review and gather pertinent data and notify
PACNAVFACENGCOM Construction Branch (Code 505) by letter requesting liability
b.  Similar processing procedures should be developed by PACNAVFACENGCOM
field contracting officers who award design contracts. If procedures are
developed, they will be documented in a local Standard Operating Procedure
(SOP) or command instruction and a copy provided to PACNAVFACENGCOM Contracts
Support Division (Code 022).
C.  Enclosure (3) provides guidance on time frames for timely
accomplishment of A-E liability processing actions.  It shows the target times
to complete significant process steps for a potential liability case of normal
complexity.  Cases that involve highly complex and/or unusual circumstances
should be separately evaluated and time frames adjusted accordingly.
8. Administrative Matters
(1) The Contracting Officer.  The A-E Branch (PACNAVFACENGCOM)
(Code 021)) will maintain a complete master file of all A-E contracts awarded
by PACNAVFACENGCOM from the receipt of the Project Assignment Sheet (PAS) for
the design to the close-out of the construction contract and lapse of warranty
period.  Master files of A-E contracts will be held at PACNAVFACENGCOM for a
period of one year after close-out of construction contract, then will be
forwarded to Central Records Holding Area for a total period of six years and
three months after close-out of construction contract or A-E contract,


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