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Using a proprietary software package provided as part of CCB,  the user can
copy any  of the guide specifications from the CD-ROM (where they are stored
as ASCII text files) and simultaneously translate these files to formats for
WordPerfect,  WordStar,  MultiMate, DisplayWriter, VolksWriter, WordMarc, and
MicroSoft Word. Either single or multiple files pay be translated. The user
can also convert other non-CCB text files between ASCII and these various
word processors.
The translation program is not instantaneous. The average guide specifica-
t i o n requires a minute or two for translation.  Long documents may require
several minutes.  If numerous files are to be translated it is recommended
t h a t the user tag files for translation during the late afternoon, and then
have the translations performed by the machine overnight. For guide specif-
ications that must be edited on word processors to formulate project specif-
the translation produces a document  t h a t can be edited much
faster than plain ASCII text.
Aside from the special systems that are part of CCB, the CD-ROM is basically
a very high capacity Read-Only drive.  It can be addressed by standard DOS
commands and computer programs such as word processors.  T h e only limitation
of the CD-ROM as compared to a hard disk is that the user cannot store any
Many users' will want to tap into the CCB data base directly
files there.
using their word processor to view and copy files.  This is easily done.
CCB provides a fast one key  t i e - i n to shift between word processing and
T h i s easy tie-in is made during the installation
other CCB functions.
procedure, but may be modified at any later tire.
Over the past few years the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration
has developed a system called SPECSINTACT designed specifically for prepara-
t i o n of guide specifications, master specifications,  and project specifica-
t ions.  NAVFAC has subsequently assisted to provide a number of enhancements
to the SPECSINTACT system.
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