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4.  CARPET:  All carpet shall comply with CPSC FF l-70. Carpet for
corridors shall also meet the acceptance criteria specified below when
the carpet system (carpet and cushion) is tested in accordance with UL
992 or Federal Test Method Standard 372.  For this purpose corridor is
defined as an enclosed space connecting a room or compartment with an
exit, and may include normal extensions such as lobbies and other
enlarged spaces.
UL 992:  Flame propagation index of less than 4.0 for corridor
carpet in all facilities.
Fed. Std. Test Method 372:  Minimum average critical radiant flux
of 0.50 watts per square centimeter for corridor carpet in:
Unmarried Enlisted Quarters..
Unmarried Officer Quarters
Temporary Lodging Facilities
Minimum average critical radiant flux of 0.25 watts per square
centimeter for corridor carpet in all other facilities.
5.  FABRICS :  Fabrics used in theater scenery, curtains and drapes in
personnel buildings, such as UEPHs, UOPHs, hospitals and in places of
assembly should be of noncumbustible material or flame proofed
according to NFPA Standard No. 701.


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