Quantcast Preliminary Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates:  Preliminary

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authority to select the most highly qualified and appropriate firm for the
job, and then award the contract to that firm if a fair and reasonable
price can be negotiated.
1.4.2  Energy Efficiency/Recycling/Waste Reduction Selection Criteria:  The
following selection/evaluation criteria is considered in the evaluation of
A-E firms:  Demonstrated success in prescribing the use of recovered
materials and achieving waste reduction and energy efficiency in facility
1.4.3  Contract Award Documents:  Generally executed on Standard Form 252,
Architect-Engineer Contract, with applicable Architect-Engineer Contracts
Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses, Appendix B, which are
available from the PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 02.
1.5  TYPES OF SERVICES - GENERAL:  A-E and ES contracts cover the full
breadth of the engineering field.  Two or more of the types of services may
be combined into one contract.  For instance, a design contract will
usually include topographic surveys and soils investigations.  In other
instances, surveys, or soils investigations, or seismic, or field
investigations, etc. may be awarded separately and not in connection with
an A-E design contract.  The various types of services are as follows:
1.5.1  Construction Drawings, Specifications and Cost Estimates:
Preparation of drawings, specifications, basis of design and cost estimate
for the construction of a facility.
1.5.2  Preliminary Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates:  Preliminary
plans, specifications and cost estimates are sometimes authorized in
advance of final plans and specifications to assure that requests for
authorization and funding are sound.  Preparation of plans to a specified
percentage of completion with an outline specification and cost estimate.
1.5.3  1391+/Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE):  Documents prepared to support
justification for funding of MCON projects to DOD and Congress during the
programming and appropriation cycles.
1.5.4  Engineering Studies:  Collection of data and the presentation of
this data in a written report, charts, drawings, or combinations of these
forms to clearly substantiate the conclusions and recommendations of the
1.5.5  Soil Investigation, Test and Reports:  Generally, in connection with
contract drawings, specifications and cost estimates for a construction
project for purposes of foundation design and land cut and fill.
1.5.6  Topographic and/or Cadastral Surveys:  Topographic surveys/work
required for siting, grading, computation of quantities for excavation and
fill, and development of a particular project site and the establishment of
property lines in connection with a project.  Also includes surveys to
establish metes and bounds for legal descriptions for real estate holdings
and for acquisition of new easements and real estate.
1.5.7  Hydrographic Surveys:  The sounding of waterways or borrow areas
either with an electronic echo sounder or with a lead line.  May also
include the plotting of the soundings and the computations of quantities.
1.5.8  Landscape Design:  Development of planting plans to provide the best
aesthetic effect possible using PACNAVFACENGCOM P900, "A Guide To


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