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DQCP Checklists at each submittal.
c.  DQCP Check-Set at each required submittal and mandatory at the
100% Submittal.
d.  DQCP quality control certifications for the drawings,
specifications, cost estimates and other technical documents at the Final
3.3.1  Reviews:  Reviews of the A-E's work are made to insure that projects
are developed in conformance with NAVFACENGCOM criteria, base exterior
architectural plan, other applicable criteria; satisfy the functional
requirements of the customer; and are within authorized scope and funds.
A-E will modify preliminary and pre-final documents submitted in accordance
with the PACNAVFACENGCOM comments or give reasons for noncompliance.
Comment will be made on the submittals (marked-up drawings/specifications)
and on PH-PACDIV Form 10-11012/4, Appendix I.  Each Government review will
contain review comments from various representatives.  Separate forms for
each reviewer's comments will also identify his/her name and telephone
number.  Should there be questionable comments, contact the reviewer for
clarification.  Obtain approval from the PDE if any comment is to be
disregarded.  Government reviews do not relieve the A-E of the
responsibility for the technical adequacy of plans and specifications.  The
Government will not provide a checking service for the A-E.  The A-E shall
check all elements of his own work prior to submission for Government
review.  Stated another way, the A-E remains responsible for any errors,
deficiencies or inadequacies in the designs, drawings, specifications or
other items or services furnished and shall be required to make necessary
corrections at no cost to the Government.  This A-E obligation continues
even if the Government reviewed the A-E's work prior to such work being
found to be in error, deficient or inadequate.  Government review time
required for review of each submittal will be given in the "SCOPE".
3.3.2  A-E Action on Review Comments:  Incorporate the Government comments
into the final design/project documentation or provide acceptable technical
justification for comments not being incorporated.  The A-E shall be
responsible for the technical adequacy of any Government design review
comments or suggestions made by the Government to the A-E design that the
A-E incorporates into the A-E's design.  After reviewing and incorporating
all comments, return a copy of the comment sheet to the PDE, annotated in
the right hand column to indicate action taken, as well as returning any
marked sheets with annotated responses.  Indicate by letter an explanation
of any action not taken on the previous review comments and on any marked
prints, estimates, reports, specifications, project documentation and/or
annual inspection summary.  Responses shall clearly and explicitly state
what action is being taken to resolve the comment.  The response shall as a
minimum include one of the following four standard responses plus
clarifying remarks explaining the rationale for the choice and actions
taken or to be taken.  (See Appendix I for a sample.)
C - Concur (meaning that A-E concurs with the comment and is taking
action to effectuate item).
D - Do not concur (meaning that the A-E does not concur with the
comment and is not taking action to effectuate it and provides
rationale why).


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