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Telephone/Communications Installation:
a.  The Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command and NAVFACENGCOM
signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 1993 which transferred the cost for
interior and exterior building wiring to the NAVFAC MCON/BRACON budgets.
Additional information is provided in COMNAVTELCOM ltr of 29 Oct 93 on
communications cabling system, attached at the end of this section.  This
cost includes the cost of cabling from the Local Exchange Carrier to the
customer receptacle.  The customer must fund the telephone instruments and
other equipment.  The cost of the cable distribution transport systems
including manholes, duct banks, cable trays, and handholes should be
included in the MCON/BRACON budgets.  The MCON/BRACON budgets only covers
government owned cable plant.  If the cable plant is leased or owned by the
Local Exchange Carrier, other resources are required.  The cost of cabling
should be included on the DD 1391 Block 9; under information systems.
Project design scopes should include all backbone, horizontal, premises,
and station cabling systems.
b.  On 1 Oct 95, the PWC PEARL Activity Providing Telephone Services
(APTS) transferred to NCTAMS EASTPAC.  The functional transfer will not
affect the current level of telephone support previously provided by PWC
PEARL.  NCTAMS EASTPAC POC: Code N2, (808) 653-1111.  Hawaii Area:  Dedicated telecommunication manholes/handholes are
required in those areas that do not have separate underground facilities
for power and communication cables.
5.22.5  High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP):  Command, Communication
and Control (C3) Facilities design shall consider/make provisions for HEMP
protection in accordance with DOD MIL-HDBK-423, "High Altitude
Electromagnetic Pulse Protection for Ground-Based Facilities."
5.22.6  Prewiring:  Building prewiring requirements for telecommunication
(voice, data, and video) systems shall be provided and installed in
accordance with MIL-HDBK-1012/3 and TIA/EIA 568/569 Standards.
a.  Telephone - Hawaii Area:
POC NCTAMSPAC N23, Mr. Gregg Gardner at
(808)471-0136 ext. 229.
Cable T.V. NCTAMSPAC N2, Ms. Lisa Pope at (808)471-0136 ext. 239.
For BEQ/BOQ and NEX activities, the
activity/quarters managers should be
contacted to ascertain who the T.V.
service provider will be and what
service provisions must be provided
for the particular service contractor.
for technical/design matters.
04C/cmm of 31 May 94 at the end of this section.
Provide results of soil resistivity measurements.
Provide results of pH tests.
Indicate variations in soil make-up.
Indicate soil moisture content and normal seasonal variations.


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