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and location; diesel fuel details, etc.; legend notes to indicate minimum
equipment requirements; and adequate space around equipment for servicing.
d.  Carbon dioxide and/or Halon drawings shall show minimum cylinder
sizes and locations; control panels locations; manual pull station
locations; audible alarm devices associated with control panel(s);
pertinent details showing wall or floor openings to be sealed up or
automatically shut upon actuation; matrix logic diagram for detection and
system operation including interlocks or equipment shutdowns; legend notes
to indicate minimum design criteria including a comment on leakage design
e.  Dry or wet chemical systems showing equipment layouts, nozzle
locations, manual actuation stations, minimum system capacities, legend
notations to indicate minimum system design parameters including whether or
not the ventilation system will be shut down upon actuation of the dry or
wet chemical system.
Electrical Systems:
Label drawings FPE-1, etc.
b.  Evacuation alarm system plan showing location and minimum
quantities of control panel(s), manual actuation stations, alarm horns,
heat detectors, smoke detectors, duct smoke detectors; plus legend
notations indicating Class A or B circuit supervision, zoning data,
equipment interlock features and a matrix logic diagram rather than an
electrical single line riser diagram.
c.  Hazardous electrical areas shall be specifically designated in
terms of Class, Division, and Group.  Boundary lines shall be indicated to
dfferentiate between ordinary areas and areas defined as hazardous
d.  Weatherproof electrical notations shall be indicated for equipment
exposed to outside atmosphere or areas inside of a structure where open
head deluge systems are provided.
e.  Type of smoke and/or heat detectors shall be indicated by
Emergency power shutdown switches shall be shown on plans.
a.  If structural steel columns are to be protected, legend notes and
typical details shall be shown on FPM drawings.
b.  If ground level or elevated water storage tanks are provided, plan
and section views shall be shown on FPM drawings.
c.  If spill containment is required for a flammable hazardous
facility, appropriate details along with legend notes shall be shown on FPM
d.  If rack storage is involved, details and/or notations of the racks
(including heights, widths, aisle spaces, transverse and longitudinal flue
spaces, elevation to top of rack, elevation to top of storage, type of


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