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a.  Government Contracts personnel will prepare Division 00
specifications, except Sections 00101, "Bid Schedules" and 00102, "List of
The A-E is to complete "Project Information Required for 100%
and Final Submittals" for use by the Government in completing other Division
00 sections.
b.  Standard Division 00 and 01 sections for IFB Projects:
See "Navy
Table of Contents" in Appendix Y.
c.  Sample Design/Build Specification Project Packages:
See Sample in
Appendix Y.  Tailoring:  Tailored as necessary to suit the work actually required
by the specific project; modified and edited to reflect the latest proven
technology, materials and methods.  Fit the specification to the magnitude of
the job.  For instance, a yard of concrete need not be specified by 15 pages
of data while a $15,000 hoist is specified only by a passing reference to an
industry standard.  Also limit the number of submittals and testing necessary
for a simple facility.  Pay attention to existing conditions, especially for
repair and remodeling projects.  Combining Guide Specifications:  Do not combine work covered by
various NAVFAC guide specifications into one section unless the work to be
covered is of a minor nature.  If a NAVFAC guide specification is not
available for a particular item, prepare a suitable section using the most
recent NAVFAC guide specification format.
8.2.2  EFD Regional Guide Specifications:  PACNAVFACENGCOM regional
requirements have been incorporated in NFGS's; therefore, PACNAVFACENGCOM
regionals have been cancelled.
8.2.3  Valid Guide Specifications:  There is only one valid guide
specification for a particular area at any time.  It will be either a
NAVFACENGCOM (NFGS) series or an EFD regional series guide specification with
the latest revision date of approval by NAVFACENGCOM.  The latest revision
date automatically cancels all specifications of the same number with a
previous date.
8.2.4  Department of Defense Guide Specifications for Military Family
Housing:  They are no longer being maintained and, because of their age,
should only be used as a source or information for DOD Family Housing
8.2.5  Standard (S-Series) Specifications:  Used for a small group of
specialized structures that must meet rigid operational requirements of
management commands and bureaus.  An example of a standard specification is
NFSS-M21, "Magazine Earth Covered Circular Composite Arch."  When using
standard specifications, observe:
a.  Read and carefully follow all notes on the removable preface sheets
of each standard specification.
b.  When necessary to modify requirements of a standard specification
for reasons other than to suit local conditions, obtain PACNAVFACENGCOM
c.  Do not make modifications to ammunition and explosive storage
PACNAVFACENGCOM standard specifications and drawings without approval.


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