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Modifications of designs are controlled by the Department of Defense
Explosive Safety Board.
d.  Use additional sections of NFGSs listed in the notes to the standard
specification to develop a complete project specification.
8.2.6  Other Specifications:  The following specifications establish
requirements mainly in terms of performance to assure competitive bids from
the largest segment of industry.  Referencing these documents assures the
procurement of economical facility components and services while considerably
reducing the verbiage required to state such requirements.  Technical Society Specifications:  Contain the requirements of
several elements of the community that have an interest in the development
and use of these documents.  These include producers, consumers, and those
representing the general public interest who actively participate in the work
of such societies.  Trade Association Specifications:
Contain the requirements among
the companies within a given industry.  Manufacturer Specifications:  Contain the manufacturer's precise
description for the manner and process for making, constructing or
compounding, and using any items he manufactures.  Federal Specifications:  Contain precise descriptions for materials,
products, or services used by all Federal agencies.  Military Specifications:  Contain precise descriptions to cover
items or services with features that meet special requirements of DOD.  Commercial Item Description (CIDs):  A form of simplified product
purchase descriptions for commercial off-the-shelf and commercial-type
products for repetitive acquisition purposes.  CIDs are intended to be used
as an alternative to detailed Federal specifications.  CIDs are brief and
performance oriented.  They rely predominately on voluntary standards and are
stated in such a way as to provide adequate competition among acceptable
commercial items.  They include functional and performance requirements in
the form of key salient characteristics as required to define quality levels
or intended application.  CIDs are Federal documents administered by the
General Services Administration (GSA).
Arrange the specification in the following sequence:
Title Page.
Table of Contents.
Sections in Numerical Order Based on the 16 Divisions of the CSI.
Letter quality 12-Pitch font.
Use the construction contract number modified as
a.  Replace the first six characters of the construction contract
numbers with the corresponding two-digit number representing the office
handling the project as follows:


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