Quantcast General Rules for References -Cont.

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(2) When listing references which include the metric system, such as
"ASTM A36/A36M," the ASTM A36/A36M" will be considered a separate reference
entry and will be included as ASTM A36/A36M under "References" and in the
text.  Refer to paragraph (7) for an explanation on "Reference" tokens.
(3) Documents adopted by the American National Standards Institute
(ANSI) from a sponsoring organization will be listed under the original
(4) Include the date of issue or designator of the current issue in
the text with the title of the document.  Place dates, if any, first and
without parentheses; place the revision number or other designator, if any,
following and in parentheses.
(5) For reference publications that have no alphanumeric
designation, create an acronym from the title and include it where the
alphanumeric designator would normally be located, then list the year
followed by the title.  For example:
Name of organization
Date, Publication title
(6) Indicate revisions or amendments to reference publications by
placing the required notation, e.g., "(Rev. A)," "(Int. Am. 1)," in
parentheses in the right-hand column after the date of the reference
publication.  Respect the distinction between "Revisions" (Rev.) and
revalidations (R) used by some non-Government standards organizations.
(7) Reference Document Designations in the Text of the
Specification.  After the initial listing of references, do not repeat the
title and date of the current reference publication in the text of the
specification. SPECSINTACT WITH SGML uses "Standard General Markup Language"
tags for defining and tagging elements of information within documents.
c.  When a specification is referenced in other than the "reference"
paragraph, the application or non-applicable portions shall be identified
(whichever is more appropriate) to avoid misinterpretation by the contractor
of the intent of the reference.  Include only the basic number and specifics
such as type and grade and not the revision or other change identification
for these references.
d.  Avoid reference to specific paragraphs in the specification except
for unusual cases since it limits the requirements to the paragraphs
e.  Avoid repeated references to a specification within the same
Read notes on the use of the referenced specifications.
g.  When only a few requirements of a referenced specification are
applicable, include the requirements in the specification and omit the
h.  General identification such as "the issue in effect on the date of
the solicitation" or similar language shall not be used.


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