Quantcast Asbestos Survey and Abatement

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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
should  seek  permission  to  perform
the location where the survey is
destructive testing from the highest authority
available.  The survey will include the
A plan showing all homogenous
identification of friable and non-friable ACM
locations of ACM and PACM, the
and PACM. The locations of all ACM will
estimated quantity, and sample points.
be determined, reported, and photographed.
Also note locations where removal of
All floor tile, mastic, transite board, thermal
ACM will require temporary relocation
insulation, roof flashing, and felts should be
of other systems, such as HVAC ducts
considered as PACM, unless testing proves
and piping.
The test results.
Photographs as appropriate.
Step 4)
Sample and test the suspected
Any other information, field notes, or
materials identified in Step 2 and 3 in
forms which provide pertinent data.
accordance  with  AHERA  Sampling
requirements, except that at least three
The A/E shall prepare comprehensive design
samples of each suspect material shall be
drawings and specifications as necessary for
taken. Samples will be taken of the various
abatement of the ACM and PACM.  The
troweled or sprayed on surfaces, pipes, and
person preparing the asbestos plans and
boiler insulation, tile, siding, shingles, and
specifications shall meet EPA accreditation
other suspect materials. A lab certified by
requirements of 40 CFR 763 Subpart E and
licensed by the State in which the work is
Accreditation Program (NVLAP) using
The design shall show the
polarized light microscopy (PLM) will
location(s) of all ACM and PACM and
analyze samples in accordance with 40 CFR
indicate the type and concentration of asbestos
763.87 (AHERA Analysis). Lab personnel
in each material. Prepare contract document
performing sample analysis shall be EPA
00300, Information Available to Bidders, and
certified to perform asbestos analysis. When
include the complete survey report as an
PLM analysis of a sample indicates asbestos
attachment to this section.
Provide an
content between 1 and 2 percent, the sample
electronic copy of 00300 and the complete
shall be point counted. The lab performing
report on 3-nch disk with the final design
the analysis will document the results of
each sample analysis.
If no asbestos is found in the building, a
Step 5)
Prepare a report of the survey
finding of no asbestos must be included in the
in  accordance  with  40  CFR  763.88
contract document 00300, with the complete
(AHERA Assessment) including paragraph
survey report.
(c) and containing the following items:
Identification of prior asbestos surveys
available for review by the contractor.
Include a brief description of areas
surveyed, the date of the survey, and


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