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shall be identified and shown in sufficient detail
showing all dimensions and elevations necessary
to provide an accurate representation of their
for construction.
All dimensions shall be
size, connections and spatial relationships to
referenced to a column-line grid system oriented
other structural/architectural features.
about the axes, usually length and width, of the
dimension and elevation references shall be
structure and along the center-lines of the major
consistent with previous plans.
support columns and walls. Elevations may be
given using any datum consistent throughout the
2.2.3  Calculations: The analysis and design
structural drawings so long as the chosen datum
is referenced to the true elevation.  Special
of all structures and components shall be done in
construction features, sequencing and site
accordance with the design criteria applicable to
conditions such as de-watering, excavation
the project. The calculations shall be legible,
bracing, underpinning, expansive soils, existing
orderly and easily understandable. At the 35%
structures, etc. which have a significant impact
submittal, the calculations should be complete
on project cost shall be shown.
for all major cost contributing components and
include the following:  Framing plans, consistent with the  Cover Sheet shall include the project
foundation plan, to show general sizes, location
and arrangement of all significant features of the
title, location, construction contract number and
horizontal framing system. Include the layout of
the names of the persons originating and
all beams, joists, stringers, purlins, slabs, decks,
checking the calculations. The person checking
plates, grating, etc. showing all dimensions and
the calculations shall be a registered engineer
elevations necessary for construction.  The
practicing structural engineering and shall be a
elevations shall be referenced to some finished
different engineer from the originator.
datum such as top of steel, slab, finished floor,  Index shall include a table of contents
concrete, joist, deck, etc. Special construction
features, sequencing and site conditions which
showing the subject and page number for each
have a significant impact on project cost shall be
topic (introduction, design criteria, calculations)
and subtopic (loads, materials, references, wind
analysis, footing design, wall design, column  Elevations, if necessary, consistent
design, etc.) addressed in the calculations. Each
with the foundation plans to show general sizes,
page, consecutively numbered, shall identify the
location and arrangement of all significant
total number of pages contained in the
features of the vertical framing system. Include
calculations (sheet
), the revision
the layout of all columns, walls, beams, girts,
number, date, project name, project location and
stringers, bracing, etc. showing all dimensions
be initialed by the originator and the checker.
and elevations necessary for construction.  Introduction shall include a brief
Reference elevations shall be consistent with the
framing plans.
statement describing the structural system,
significant design parameters and any restrictions  Sections and Details shall provide
that may affect the project design.
sufficient information to identify the general  Design Criteria shall be provided and
types of material and methods of construction
required such that a reliable cost estimate can be
shall include the following:
developed for the structure. All parts or pieces


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