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c. Provide surveys of sufficient detail to permit the establishment of finish grades
and to show all existing structures, pavements, utility lines, obstructions, etc., within
the limits of work.
d. Include drainage areas, connections to existing roads, size of existing utilities
and data required to connect new utilities to the nearest source of adequate supply
in field notes and survey drawings. (If greater than five acre, 2 hectare, 4047 square
meters see Chapter
e. Submit completed survey drawings and field notes with the 15% Submittal or the
Preliminary Project Engineering Submittal for review and record information.
f. The A-E shall contact the Southwest Division Land Surveyor through the PL to
obtain precise guidance and direction with respect to horizontal and vertical control
for each project.
3.4.1 Survey Monuments
The A-E shall install a minimum of two concrete monuments with brass caps, within the
limits of work, see Exhibit 3-D. Monuments shall be visible from each other for future
horizontal and vertical control. Monuments are to be set in a manner that will prevent
damage of the monuments during construction. All monuments will have both horizontal
and vertical control indicated on them based on station data. Horizontal and vertical control
maps for the activity will be provided to the design A-E by the Command. Details of the
monument in electronic media can be provided through the Command in DWG or DGN
3.4.2 Aerial Surveys
When the A-E uses aerial survey methods and material quantities are to be computed from
the survey, the A-E will field verify the area where the quantities are to be computed by
manual survey methods. Natural ground will be shot to the nearest one tenth of a foot.
Concrete and paved areas will be shot to the nearest one hundredth of a foot.
3.4.3 Cadastral Surveys
This service includes surveys to establish metes and bounds for legal descriptions for real
estate holdings and for acquisition of new easements and real estate.
3.4.4 Hydrographic Surveys


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