Quantcast Minimum Design Requirements

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Custom Search Miscellaneous:
a. Design values for proprietary materials are to be obtained from ICBO
Evaluation Reports.
b. Recommendations contained herein that represent construction requirements
must be inserted into the contract documents. Contract documents include
drawings and performance specifications intended for Design - Build
contracts as well as drawings and descriptive specifications intended for
Design - Bid - Build contracts.
c. Statements such as "may require, should be considered etc." contained in
the above criteria documents shall be interpreted as "is required" unless a
specific exemption is granted by Southwest Division Code 04CN.
Requirements listed below are minimum. Design loads and conditions may demand that
designs exceed these minimum requirements. Design calculations shall include a source
for all design forces/stresses used that are not governed by industry standards defined in
this document.
Concrete and Foundations:
a. Concrete slabs on ground shall have a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Minimum
reinforcing shall be #3 reinforcing bars at 16" on center or 4x4-w2.9xw2.9 welded
wire reinforcing. The slab reinforcing shall be placed on firm supports 1/3 the slab
depth from the top of slab with a minimum cover of 1-1/2 inches. Fiber
reinforcement in the concrete mix shall not be considered as
replacing the above steel reinforcing.
b. Concrete slabs on ground shall have construction, control or expansion
Joints at maximum spacing of 25 feet in each direction. If special circumstances
make such a spacing impractical, approval for deviations shall be obtained from
code 04CN.EH at Southwest Division. Slab reinforcing shall continue through
construction and control joints.
c. All concrete slabs shall have thickened edges and shall be reinforced with a
minimum of 2-#4 continuous reinforcing bars (one top and one bottom). Minimum
depth of thickened slab edges shall be 8 inches for conditions were no
superimposed dead loads occur on the slab and 12 inches where superimposed
dead loads are present.


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