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scales on one master sheet; each sheet must be treated independently as many drawings
are reduced in size and are not always proportionately reduced. Minimum scale for floor
plan(s) shall be 1/8" = 1'-0",1:100 . Use an identical scale for all disciplines to facilitate
inter-disciplinary plan checking. Roof plan scale shall be identical between disciplines.
Minimum scale for landscape construction, irrigation and planting plans shall be 1" = 20'-0",
7.2.7 Title And Revision Blocks
Sample drawing title and revision blocks are illustrated by Exhibit 7-A. Note that the
construction contract number and specification number are to be placed as indicated (Not
the A-E contract number). Title block will be provided by the Government through
electronic media or bulletin board.
7.2.8 NAVFAC Drawing Numbers
Assign one NAVFAC drawing number to each sheet. A block of NAVFAC Drawing
Numbers will be issued upon request of the A-E when the total number of drawings
(sheets) has been established. Once assigned, the NAVFAC number shall not be used on
any other sheet.
7.2.9 Sheet Number
In numbering the sheets, apply the basic sheet number and the total number of sheets on
the first and last sheets only, (i.e., Sheet 1 of 126). The balance of the sheets shall show
only the basic sheet number without the total number, (i.e., Sheet 2 of ). The last sheet of
the final drawing shall show the last sheet number and the total numbers of sheets, (i.e.,
126 of 126).
7.2.10 Drawing Reference Numbers
The A-E shall use "A-1", "M-6", etc. reference numbers for architectural, mechanical, etc.,
drawings, and shall place them immediately above the standard title block and adjacent to
the right border line. See Exhibit 7-A.


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