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7.2.11 Section/Detail Identification
Section identification shall be identified in the following manner.
Section Identification number.
Use numbers for details and
letters for sections & elevations.
Reference number of
sheet on which section
Reference number of sheet on which
or detail is taken.
section or detail is drawn.11
7.2.12 Signatures And Corporate Stamps on Drawings
All designers, draftsmen and checkers responsible for the preparation of drawings shall
sign or initial each drawing. Each drawing shall also be signed and stamped by a person
of corporate status.
7.2.13 Stamps On Drawings
Each drawing and each set of calculations shall be stamped and signed by the individual
who had responsible charge of the design and drawing preparation for each discipline. In
states in which any of the above disciplines is not currently registered, the drawing shall be
signed and stamped by a registered professional (Architect or Engineer) in the
appropriate discipline responsible for preparation of the particular drawings.
7.2.14 Revisions To Contract Drawings
See Chapter 8 for requirements for Amendments and COR Packages. A revision is any
change on a drawing after the drawing has been issued to bidders up to the time of
completion of construction. Revisions shall be made by erasure, crossing out, addition of
new or revised information on the signed drawings or by redrawing. Revision Symbol
A revision symbol will be used to identify the revision. Each change for a revision will
indicate the location on the drawing by a triangle with a letter and number (See sample,
Exhibit 7-A.). The revision will be identified by an upper case revision letter in sequence;
that is Revision A will indicate the first revision to a drawing, Revision B, the second, etc.,
except that I, O, Q and X shall not be used. All changes made at one time shall be
identified with the same revision letter, but shall be followed by a suffix number used serially
for each time the letter is used, thus: A2. The revised area on the drawing shall be circled
with a soft black pencil in order to make the revision more conspicuous and easily found.
The revision symbol shall be located as near as possible to the notes, lines, views, or


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