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(N.T.S.), they shall be drawn proportionally so as not to give a distorted view of what is
intended. All details and sections shall be clearly identified and cross-referenced to the
plan showing their location.
a. Details should include, but not limited to, manholes, catch basins, inlets, pipe
bents and connections, fire hydrants, valve boxes, underground tank installation,
pavement reinforcement and joint details, curbing details, fencing details, and all
special installation features.
b. Sections should include, but not limited to, all typical roadway sections,
pavement sections, ditch sections, dike sections, trenching sections, etc. Painting And Striping
Pavement (road and airfield) and parking area painting and striping locations, pattern and
detail can be shown on the site plan or paving plan for many small to average sized
projects. However, when the facilities requiring painting and striping are of such magnitude
that they would clutter up another drawing, they may be presented on a separate drawing.
All markings, raised markers, figures, and stripes shall be clearly located by dimensions,
and the width of stripes and spacing of dashed lines clearly indicated. Special arrows,
crosswalks, lettering on the pavement surface, and special symbols shall be detailed and
fully dimensioned. The type and color of the markings should be identified, such as
reflectorized or non-reflectorized traffic paint, yellow, red or white.
7.5.2 Landscape Architecture
Include the following: Landscape Architecture Plan
a. Landscape dimensioning and layout. Indicate point of beginning.
b. Detail referencing.
c. Fencing, signage and playground layout.
d. Landscape drainage layout (i.e., piping and sizing, direction of flow, slope of
pipe, all catch basins/drain inlets and all invert and rim elevations). Indicate
connections to existing storm drain systems or outfall areas.
e. Site legend including symbols, descriptions, finishes, material types, color and


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