Quantcast Fire Pumping Systems

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1. HVAC shut-down.
2. Power shut-down.
c. Areas to be protected by these systems. Galley/Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems
a. Location of the storage cylinders, warning signs/devices, manual release
stations and auxiliary functions.
1. Gas shut-down.
2. Power shut-down to be via a shunt-trip breaker.
b. Areas to be protected by these systems. Wet-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
Location of the riser assembly, the water motor gong and the fire department connection. Pre-Action/Deluge Systems (in addition to above)
Location of the detection system control panel, detectors, and areas to be protected by
these systems, and location of the source of AC power to the control panel, (to be tapped
off ahead of the main disconnect through a fused disconnect). Fire Pumping Systems
a. Location in noncombustible shelters, if exterior or fire rated construction, if
b. Single line layouts per NFPA No. 20.
c. AC power supplies from controller connection to the electrical distribution system
and power arrangement per NFPA No. 20.
d. Locations of the controllers, pumps, test headers, pressure relief valves,
pressure relief discharge lines, and by-pass lines. Fire Alarm Systems
a. Location of the fire alarm control panel, (to be in a normally occupied location),
manual pull stations and audio/visual horns.


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