Quantcast Irrigation System

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f. Fire flows and pressures.
1.2 100% SUBMITTAL
1.2.1 Civil
Provide calculations to verify:
a. Quantity of storm flow (use MIL-HDBK-1005/2 and 1005/3), velocities, sizes,
material, class and "D" load design of all storm sewers and culverts, outlets, erosion
controls, and sizes of drop inlets for Storm Sewer Systems and surface drainage.
1.2.2 Irrigation System
Provide calculations for the following:
a. Calculations for:
1. Valve at highest elevation.
2. Valve at lowest elevation.
3. Valve with highest GPM (L/M) and GPH (M3/H).
4. Valve with lowest GPM (L/M) and GPH (M3/H).
b. Calculation sheet indicating valve sequence number, total GPM/GPH, elevation
of valve, water meter and highest irrigation head or emitter, total friction loss through
all irrigation equipment and piping, operating PSI (kPa) of irrigation head or emitter
and residual PSI, or kPa.
1.2.3 Structural
Provide refinement of 45 percent calculations, i.e., detailed calculations to verify adequacy
of design and selection of structural system. Calculations shall include but are not limited
a. Vertical and lateral analysis.
b. Anchorage for Mechanical, Electrical and Non-structural elements.


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