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1. The Operation and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI) concept was developed to
help activities operate, maintain, and repair selected facilities. Produced during the
facility's construction, OMSI manuals provide an organized library of data on as-built
materials, systems, and equipment. Because of the comprehensive nature of these
manuals, they are used as the first step toward solving operation, maintenance, or repair
2. The OMSI User Manual consists mainly of construction contractor submittals for as-built
materials/equipment, such as Manufacturer's Catalog Data, Shop Drawings, Parts Lists,
Test Reports, and Operation and Maintenance Data, assembled and indexed in a
comprehensive manual. The User Manual may also provide more detailed information on
operation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting for selected key systems such as Fire
Protection, Roofing, and Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC). The User
Manual is organized by divisions and sections corresponding to the divisions and sections
of the construction specifications. For example, if you wanted to find information about
interior electrical wiring, you would look under Division 16, "Electrical", and then under
Section 16402, "Interior Wiring Systems". A specification table of contents is located at
the front of each manual volume. The specification sections for Division 1 are not
applicable for OMSI, so this division is used for general facility information such as floor
area, overall dimensions, utility cut-off locations, etc.
3. An OMSI Operation and Maintenance Manual consists of selected systems requiring
operation, maintenance, and repair procedures. Each system in the manual consists of
four sections: Operation, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and Appendix.
For each section, the manual may provide extensive additional information such as
emergency operating procedures, troubleshooting, and warranty provisions.
4. NAVFAC Guide Specification NFGS-01730 has been written to require the
construction contractor to furnish operation and maintenance data. For projects that
include the OMSI requirement, this data is provided to the A-E who will develop the OMSI
package. All NFGS sections that have operation and maintenance requirements have
been coordinated with NFGS-01730.


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