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h. Total number and types of light fixtures, including number and types of
bulbs/tubes required.
i. Number of bathroom fixtures, including number of sinks, commodes, lavatories,
and urinals.
j. Beneficial Occupancy Date (B.O.D.).
k. Basis of Design.
*For Type C OMSI, provide cross reference here to the appropriate User Manual
specification section for expanded information on the operation, maintenance and
repair of these systems. For Type A OMSI, cross reference here if system is
included in the OMSI Operation and Maintenance Manual.
3. Floor Plans & Site Plans. Provide legible small scale floor and site plans.
4. Utility Connection/Cutoff Points. Denote the main interior and exterior connection and
cutoff points for all utilities on small scale floor and site plans. Plans should contain enough
information to make the location of the connection/cutoff points obvious to someone
unfamiliar with the facility and should denote which system, area, or portion of a system it
controls. Where applicable, clearly indicate the room number, panel number, valve
number, etc., of the respective utility being identified.
5. As-built Drawing List. List the as-built drawings by title and sheet numbers and identify
where the drawings and specifications will be kept on file.
6. Extended Warranty Information. Provide special/extended warranty information to the
extent that it is available from data submitted by the contractor or available from the ROICC
office. An extended warranty is defined as a warranty exceeding one year and may cover
parts, labor or both such as warranties for A/C compressors, hot water heaters and water
coolers. The A-E will not be required to contact manufacturers to obtain warranty data on
equipment and material where this data has not been provided by the contractor or where
the ROICC has not required the contractor to furnish such data. List each item which has
special warranty information and include the written guarantee or warranty for the item. The
list shall state the applicable specification section, duration of the warranty, start and
ending dates of the warranty, point of contact for fulfillment of the warranty, and required
operational and general service maintenance to be performed by the Government to
maintain the manufacturer's special warranty agreement. Roofing systems warranty
information shall be included here with special cross reference to the roofing specification


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