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Special attention should be given to see that these holes are checked to see that they have not
been modified and all safety considerations are being met. If found modified, then the condition
should be reported immediately so that corrective measures can be instituted.
2.3.5 Operating And Signalling Devices
Check that all operating and signalling devices are operating in their intended manner and that
all fastenings are in place and secure.
2.3.6 Firefighter's Service Instructions
Elevators installed under the requirements of the 1973 edition of the A17.1 Code or later are
required to have instructions for operating the elevator under Firefighters' Service permanently
mounted adjacent to or incorporated with the switch at the designated level. Elevators installed
after the 1981 edition of A17.1 Code require instruction be posted at the designated level and in
the car. The corridor instruction should describe Phase I - Emergency Recall Operation and the
car instructions address Phase II Emergency In-Car Operation. One should check to see that
these are in place and properly displayed.
2.3.7 Counterweights In Separate Hoistway
Item 102.4 of the A17.2 Manual covers the inspection of ropes and fastening on
counterweights when counterweights are located in enclosures outside the hoistway. Special
consideration should be given to assure this is not overlooked when separate counterweights are
2.4.1 Scope
Division 103 of the A17.2 Manual describes the various inspections which are made from the
top of the car. The beginning of this section described various safety precautions that should be
followed when working on top of a car. These should most definitely be followed when making
this part of the inspection. Any car not having a top of car operating device shall require two (2)
inspectors. A recommendation will be made that a car top operating device be added.


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