Quantcast Special Safety Precautions

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k. Wire Rope Accumulators (if furnished)
l. Handrails, Toeguards and Safety Devices
m. Limit and Tension Switches
n. Lubrication
o. Hoist Motor & Coupling
p. Primary and Secondary Brakes
q. Controlled Descent Device
r. Stop Switches
s. Equipment Vibration and Misalignment
Limit and tension switches should be checked before each scaffold drop.
13.1.6 Special Safety Precautions
Inspectors are cautioned that there are many potential hazards involved in the inspection of
powered scaffolds. Since any accident can not only be disabling, but may be fatal, inspectors are
reminded of the hazards associated with the operation and movement of this equipment. A
history of accidents indicates a number of incidents involving inspectors while riding on powered
scaffold equipment.
The inspector should be suitably clothed before starting the inspection. Avoid wearing loose
clothing, particularly neckties, as these may become caught in the moving scaffold parts or ropes
during the inspection. Keep buttons, particularly those on cuffs, buttoned. The inspector should
have a proper safety belt and safety lines attached to permanent suspension points when riding on
the scaffold. The power supply line disconnect switch should be opened or the supply cord
unplugged when it is desired to prevent power scaffold movement or when inspecting electrical
parts. Before starting the powered scaffold, the Inspector should first determine that the on-off
operating device, emergency stop switch, limit switches, tensioning switches, and any other
safety devices or switches are in proper working order and in the proper position for inspection.
Ascertain that OSHA approved safety belts, dog lines and safety lines are available, and check
them for wear, proper fit, and operation. Do not enter the platform without wearing a proper
safety belt.


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