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Non-Riser BUOY System. Previously called a telephone-type buoy system,
the non-riser system consists of a relatively large buoy held in place by
three to eight anchor chain subassemblies and anchors. Each of the
anchor chains is attached to a padeye on the lower side of the buoy hull.
A ship using this buoy connects its chain or bow lines to a swivel in the
center of the buoy's deck. The non-riser system has a relatively small
watch circle compared to the riser-type buoy system (see Figure l-l).
1.2.7 MOORING COMPONENTS. Appendix B contains descriptions and drawings of
the components normally used in fleet moorings. The components are grouped
into categories related to the four basic assemblies which make up a fleet mooring:
buoys, chain and accessories, anchors, and cathodic protection. The terminology
used in Appendix B is preferred for use in all fleet mooring documentation,
correspondence, reports, drawings, etc. Other common names are included which
H o w e v e r , the standard terminology
reflect usage by the offshore industry.
appearing in Appendix B should be used so that a common understanding of terms
will exist among those responsible for designing, maintaining, and managing fleet
This becomes especially important with respect to as-built
documentation, inventory reports, and requests for material.


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